Deep Diving in Cozumel: the Devil’s Throat

I just got back from an amazing trip to Cozumel, Mexico with Dive Utah. The thrill of the trip for most of us was diving Devil’s Throat, a deep diving thrill!For those that don’t know, Devil’s Throat is a sort of bucket list dive for those visiting Cozumel. Many people in our group had been waiting years to dive this site after being denied several times on previous trips to the island.

Devil’s Throat is an advanced dive due to its deep diving requirement. It sits in the Punta Sur Reef at the southern tip of the island. Currents here can be strong and unpredictable. In order to dive Devil’s Throat, the divers need to be advanced, and the current needs to be just right. After all, the cave entrance is at ~80-90 feet deep and as you go into the cave you go straight down and come out around 130 feet deep.

We were all excited with anticipation as we set out on the 50 minute boat ride from our resort. The waves were getting choppy as we headed further south. Once at the site and all geared up, our divemaster jumped into the water to see if he could spot the opening to the Devil’s Throat. If they cannot see the opening, the dive is aborted. We were all a little nervous because after the first attempt, the divemaster failed to find the entrance. He hopped back on the boat, and the captain moved the boat. Disappointment was starting to sink in that maybe we wouldn’t be able to do this dive after all. Then, the captain stopped the boat, the divemaster jumped back in the water and gave us the go ahead signal!

The Dive- Deep Diving

Divers lined up for the negative entry (we entered the water with no air in our BCDs and descended immediately). The current is so strong here that if we stayed on the surface at all we could get moved and not be able to do the dive. We needed to be in position to drop directly down to 80 feet to the entrance of the Devil’s Throat. All 12 of us made it down and followed the divemaster into the dark entrance.

Deep diving

We were welcomed by amazing coral formations, some of it red (hence the name Devil’s Throat). Our lights illuminated the cave as we swam through in single file. There were several spots where light seeped in through small openings in the reef. There was one spot in the cave that we had to go straight down and avoid hitting our heads on the cave. Another spot opened up into a little room. Very little fish accompanied us through the cave.

There are a couple places to exit Devil’s Throat in Cozumel. We exited around 117 feet onto an amazing wall that seemed to go on forever. Most of us dropped down to reach the recreational depth limit of 130 feet, making this a deep diving adventure! Then we headed back up through another swim through.

Exiting the Devil’s Throat

We were greeted by a black grouper and a hawksbill sea turtle to make this dive even better! The coral formations, fish, and swim throughs during the entire dive made this one of our favorite and most cherished dives from the trip!

Cozumel Devil’s Throat: It’s not for everyone, but those that go are in for a treat! Deep diving at its finest!

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