Thrilling Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Shark diving
Sharks swarm the chumsicle

Onboard a trip with Aqua Cat out of Nassau, Bahamas, we got to go shark diving. We saw many Caribbean reef sharks over several dives on the trip, but this was a special chumsicle dive.

Video of the chumsicle dive

There was anticipation as we arrived at our dive site in Eleuthera. The sharks were already gathering around the boat, waiting for us to get in.

Shark diving
Sharks gathering at the surface before our dive

Shark Diving

As we geared up watching the sharks from the surface, there was excitement and anticipation felt throughout the dive deck to go shark diving. Jumping in from the boat, we had to be careful not to hit a shark. Once everyone was in the water, we descended as one big group. We sat in a big circle in the sand. One of the divemasters slowly began bringing down the chumsicle using the mooring line as leverage to pull a giant ice loading fish ball full of sharks down to our level. He said he used about half his air tank just trying to get to the bottom sand area.

Shark diving

Once the chumsicle was in place, we sat for what must have been one hour just staring at this wonderful display of Caribbean reef sharks circling and attacking the chumsicle. This was a great shark diving turnout as there were at least 7-10 sharks at any given time. There were many fish in the middle of the display, getting their food as well. Interestingly, the fish joining in on the lunchtime feast were not targeted by the sharks.

Several big sharks got really close to us, swimming right over our heads. It was exhilarating watching their mouths moving trying to chew up their food. The best part of shark diving is getting up close and personal with the sharks. Watching a shark’s eyeball move, tracking you as it glides by is exciting. It is definitely a privilege to be able to dive with these amazing creatures that so many people fear.

Shark diving in the Bahamas: take the plunge and get up close and personal with beautiful creatures!

Shark diving

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